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Connecting Log-In Methods

In Coscine several log-in methods can be linked with one another.

Coscine allows different log-in methods (per person) to facilitate the registration and to offer partners from different universities and research institutions a common platform. To maintain clarity and to always have access to all projects and data regardless of the log-in method, the log-in methods can be linked.


  1. Log in using your preferred login method
  2. Navigate to the user profile page
  3. Click “connect” for the secondary login method
  4. You will be guided through the registration process of the selected method. Log in with the relevant data
  5. After you have successfully logged in using the second method, you will be directed to the user profile
  6. The second method is now also shown there as "Connected"
  7. The methods are linked and you now have access to all your projects and data regardless of the log-in method


Figure 1 - Personal data in Coscine