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File Handling

Within a Coscine resource, you can upload, describe with metadata, download, and delete research data.

Upload files

Uploading files is done in four steps (see Figure 1):

  1. Click on the plus next to the resource name.
  2. Select one or multiple files.
  3. Specify metadata in the file context menu for each individual file or once via "All Files" (fields with an asterisk (*) are mandatory).
  4. Click on "Upload" in the file context menu.

Files are now visible in the table with name, upload date ("modified") and file size. The metadata schema was selected when creating the resource. The metadata entered here can be changed later in the file context menu. The metadata schema cannot be changed within a resource (for more on this topic, see Metadata and Application Profiles).


It is not possible to upload files exceeding 2-3 GB in Coscine. Please decide on an RDS-S3 resource for this purpose or split up your bigger files into smaller ones (e.g. by making use of a ZIP archive).

Dateien hochladen in vier Schritten

Figure 1 - Data upload in four steps

Multiple Selection

You can select multiple files simultaneously in the File Explorer (middle panel) and work on a subset of the selected files in the file context menu (see Figure 2).


for simultaneous editing, the "ALL FILES" area must now be selected in the file context menu.


(Figure 2): files cat.jpg and cat2.jpg are selected simultaneously in File Explorer (left). In the file context menu (right) only the first file (file index 1) is selected for editing.


Figure 2 - Multiple selection of files

Downloading files

Downloading files is done in two steps:

  • Select one or more files in the file explorer
  • Click on the "Download" button in the file context menu (Figure 3).

Datei herunterladen mit dem Dateikontextmenü

Figure 3 - Downloading files with the file context menu

Deleting files

Deleting files is done in three steps (see figure 4):

  • Select one or more files in the file explorer.
  • In the file context menu click on the drop-down arrow next to the "Download" button
  • Select "Delete" option