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On this page you will find a number of videos designed to give you a clear understanding of working with the Application Profile Generator (AIMS). This video introduction is divided into three parts and is currently only available in English.

Part 1

The first part of this video guide explains the function of AIMS in relation to Coscine. The AIMS interface is introduced and the various options for creating application profiles are discussed. These include the creation of a new profile, the import of existing application profiles and the editing of existing profiles with options such as copy, extend and new version. It also explains the differences between the individual options and explains in more detail which metadata is important for application profiles.

Part 2

In the second part, an exemplary application profile is created with AIMS. Based on this example, the most important properties of the metadata fields are shown and many tips are given on what to do and how to stay in contact with the Coscine team after the application profile has been submitted as a draft.

Part 3

The third and final part focuses on extended metadata field properties, such as string-based properties, value-based properties, administrative properties and properties for property pairs.