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Within a project in Coscine you have the possibility to create sub-projects. This allows you to reproduce more extensive hierarchies of large projects and to display the relationships of the projects to each other.

Creating a subproject

If your main project is large and can essentially be divided into smaller individual projects, it makes sense to create sub-projects. This way you can create a "tree" or an extensive project hierarchy.


  • Main Project "Measurement of squirrel populations"
  • Sub-Projects
    • Development of a squirrel detector
    • Construction of measuring stations
    • Measuring population dynamics

To create a sub-project, click on the "Add Project" button on the main project page under the "Sub-Projects" heading (see figure below). You will be redirected to the project creation and configuration page. The creation of sub-projects is done in the same way as the creation of main projects. It is only important to be in the project for which a sub-project is to be created. After the configuration of the new project, it appears as a sub-project subordinated to the main project.


Figure 1 - Project Dashboard with tab "Subprojects"


  • A project can have multiple sub-projects
  • Sub-projects can also have multiple sub-projects
  • Members must be added separately per project and per subproject and their roles must be separately managed (see Rights and participants management)

Storage space or Quota of subprojects

With regard to storage space, sub-projects are considered as a new project unit. Thus, storage space must be requested reperately for each sub-project that exceeds 25GB or is to be obtained via the S3 interface.