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Activate metadata copies in Coscine

Since March 2024, it is possible to activate metadata copies in the Coscine UI. A switch has been introduced for this purpose, which can be found in the resource settings under "Actions". The new function simplifies the taking/transferring of metadata.

By activating the new function, a copy of the metadata is saved under the .coscine folder each time a file is uploaded. This folder is created in the background and is not displayed on the user interface. This extends your data management capabilities. However, you should keep in mind that the copies created will consume some of the available S3 storage space. Normally, this consumption is minimal, but can increase with the volume of files and data you manage.


Figure 1 - The function "Local metadata copy" in the resource settings

If you have activated the metadata copy function, this only applies to future file uploads. The metadata for existing files including metadata will not be copied retroactively. Of course, this metadata remains secure and unchanged in our system. Only the additional function of copying to your S3 bucket is not available for previously saved metadata. This ensures that your current data management and memory allocation are not retroactively affected.

Please note

Deactivating the metadata copies does not result in the deletion of existing copies. In addition, this feature can only be activated for S3 resources and cannot be used for other resource types.