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The Research Data Store (RDS) is an object-based storage for research data and RDS-Web is the default resource type in Coscine. RDS-Web resources can be created directly in any project.


  • Free storage financed by the DFG and the MWK NRW
  • Exclusively intended for use with research data
  • Condition: good research data management (e.g. projects and files provided with metadata)

RDS-Web in Coscine

  • Select an FDS-Web instance in step 1 when creating a resource (e.g. for RWTH members RWTH-RDS-Web)
  • Data upload via browser (interaction via Coscine API possible)


It is not possible to upload files exceeding 2-3 GB in Coscine. Please decide on an RDS-S3 resource for this purpose or split up your bigger files into smaller ones (e.g. by making use of a ZIP archive).

Storage space in RDS-Web

  • Employees of participating universities have an initial 25 GB per project
  • In the Storage Management of the project the storage can be increased to max. 100 GB
  • If the storage is not sufficient or none is displayed, additional storage space has to be requested (see Storage Management)