These pages contain instructions for Coscine admins. For all "normal" users of Coscine, these pages can be ignored accordingly.

Among other things, the individual review processes that are relevant in Coscine are explained. This includes e.g. the review process of the created application profiles. This process is largely performed by the data stewards. In addition, guidance of the review process regarding storage requests in Jards can also be found on these pages. The corresponding reviews of the storage space requests are also performed by data stewards and the service manager. After a successful review of a storage request, it can be approved and the desired quota (storage space) can be allocated. Another page is used to allocate the quota, called the Coscine Admin Page. To ensure a smooth process, detailed instructions for the allocation of the quota can also be found on this page.

The Coscine team is constantly improving the described processes. Therefore, we are already working on making the presentation of the execution of the individual processes even more descriptive and self-explanatory. In the near future we will also add this to the documentation page and until then the currently available instructions are available on the following pages for a first insight.