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AP Workflow

In GitLab, all application profiles (AP) are checked and reviewed by Coscine. The following instructions are directed at the admins in Coscine GitLab.

Notification: New Merge Request

  • Information about a new Application Profile (AP) is provided by receiving an email/service ticket with subject "[Coscine] New Merge Request for an Application Profile"
  • Additionally, the AP repository can be subscribed to in Gitlab (bell icon: enable "watch")

Perform AP review

  • Log in to the Coscine GitLab page under Application Profiles -> Merge Requests
  • Under "Changes", view the full code. Check for common problems:
    • The title and description of the application profile. Do they match, especially any German/English translations?
    • The terms IRIs (located for each field after sh:path). Are primarily already-defined terms employed or are custom terms used?
    • The English/German translations. Do they make sense?
    • Whether multiple sh:datatype are used. The default is string, but in some cases, such as date, date may be more appropriate.
    • Whether the selected terms make sense (look for obvious discrepencies such as dcterms:author being used for a field named "Device").
    • sh:targetClass URL matches the base URL (applies in most but not all cases).
    • Base URL (line 1), this may need to be changed to match the name and grouping of the profile and should be changed anywhere else it appears in the profile
  • Make comments directly in the code and suggest specific code changes using the icons indicated in red on in image 1

GitLab Code Suggestions

Figure 1 - Code change suggestions in Gitlab via line comments
  • Copy AP syntax under "Changes" to the AIMS Frontend:
  • AIMS Frontend: Action -> "Create", enable editor view and select pen icon to switch to code view (see Figure 1)
  • Paste AP syntax via copy-paste from GitLab
  • Note: If changes have been made since merge request was submitted, you may have to copy full code by clicking "Open in Web IDE" under "Code" (top right)


Figure 2 - Review of application profiles in AIMS

Review in the AIMS generator

  • AIMS frontend: In the editor view, check metadata of the AP via gear icon, then activate metadata view and check field functions (see Figure 1).
    • Check if the selected terms make sense (IRI field under Properties field).
      • If they are inappropriate (e.g. behind a field called temperature, is specified), contact the creator via service desk ticket.
      • If there are only suggestions for improvement of the terms, please give feedback, but this is not a reason to reject the application profile.
  • Check Ok? Continue with step Testing on DSP-10
  • Errors/Unclarities? See syntax changes

Testing on DSP-10

  • GitLab: Start the action "dev_deploy" in the pipeline field (see figure 2)
  • Check AP on DSP-10 regarding functionality
    • Necessary: Access via uni network (if necessary, ignore security warning of browser)
    • Login on DSP-10 via ORCiD
    • During the first AP-Test, Create a project that can be used for further tests
    • Add a Linked Data Resource to the project
    • Under step 3 of Linked Data resource creation, select the AP to be checked
    • Check if the AP and all fields are displayed correctly
    • Create a resource and check the AP in the resource (validation problems and bugs may only become apparent here)
    • Tests Ok?
      • Inform the Coscine Dev Team with an "@" in a GitLab comment below the merge request to set it to LIVE
      • Edit merge request and add the label works on DSP-10
      • Close IT ServiceDesk ticket once merge request is merged
    • Errors/Unclarities? See syntax changes


Figure 2 - Deployment of an application profile on DSP-10

Syntax changes

  • see common problems first
  • Exchange regarding next steps with Coscine Dev Team via GitLab comments
  • Open an issue in Coscine (Label: Application Profile)
  • Describe necessary changes and assign Coscine Dev Team (add assignees)
  • Track the issue (activate notifications)
  • Communicate status with creator via ServiceDesk/GitLab.
  • After successful changes, proceed to the respective review step

Common Problems

  • Profile is not displayed in D-SP10
  • fields seem to be 'linked' (input in one field appears also in another field)
    • here the same term was used for both fields, which is not supported by Coscine
    • often one field is enough, for which multiple entries are possible (consult with submitter)

Notification: Successful merge request

  • Inform users about successful merge request via e-mail/service ticket

E-Mail Template

Dear Titel + Name + Surname,

Your application profile "name of the application profile" has been successfully merged. You can now use it when creating resources in your Coscine project.

Best regards,

The Coscine Team

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Your questions are not answered on our documentation and FAQ pages ( Then feel free to write to us via the IT-ServiceDesk at Your request will then be forwarded to the Coscine team accordingly.

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