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JARDS Workflow

In JARDS, all RDS space requests from Coscine are validated and reviewed. The following instructions apply to quota admins of Coscine.

Notification: new storage request

  • Information about a new storage request is made by receiving an email/service ticket with subject [JARDS/Coscine].

For better understanding, here is an illustration that shows the flow of a storage review from the beginning with a notification in TicketTool, through the actual review process in Jards, to the final allocation of the quota in Coscine:


Figure 1 - Review Process


Prepare review

  • Login to JARDS and navigate to Coscine TEC 2022 via the top menu bar under "Category".
  • In the table that opens, complete the following steps:

Open the application

  • Under "Application documents", click on "Current application to review".
  • Application opens in new tab (see Figure 2, item 1.)


Figure 1 - Review in JARDS


Assign Reviewer

  • Under "Reviewers" -> select "modify" (see Figure 2, item 2).
  • In Reviewer Assignment, select & inform the appropriate reviewer(s) from the table.
  • Check the box "Reviewer & Inform" in the table.
  • Click on "Save & Inform" below the table
    • E-mail interface opens
    • Select mail template "Coscine Review Invitation
    • Select Mail Form (jards-...)
    • Navigate to the bottom of the page and click "inform" (=email has been sent)

Perform review

  • Navigate to "Your applications to review in Coscine TEC 2022" (bottom of page see Figure 2, item 3.))
  • Click on "edit review": Technical Review page opens
  • Fill in fields 1-4 and "Total result" based on application form
    • in case of open issues (e.g. unclear representation of metadata management)
    • communicate via the corresponding service ticket/email with the requestor until all information is available, note status as comment (see below)
    • Report results of communication incl. Service Ticket Nr in the Technical Review under "Comment to coordination office" (e.g. "After consultation with the researcher, the EngMeta profile will be used").
  • Note agreements with researchers regarding changes in the "Comment to coordination office".
  • If there are several reviewers, fill in "Feedback for the applicant (to improve the quality of future applications)".
  • Check the box "Technical Review Completed
  • Click on "save" to save the review

Optional: Fill in checklist

  • Navigate to "Checklist" (see figure 2, item 4.)
  • Fill in relevant items - especially important in case of longer application processes and need for substitution

Optional: Comments

  • Click on "add" under "Comments" (see figure 2, point 4.)
  • enter comment & select "visible for admins
  • important for internal communication about the status of the request (example: service ticket with queries in circulation)

Approve / reject request

  • under "Actions" click on "approve": Set Data Project Approval page opens


If the request was created by a member outside RWTH, "mark received" must be checked off under "Actions".

  • short check of the tables: & Scientific reviews
  • Application data for XYZ: Data correct, Required Quota, Comments (etc.)?
  • Technical reviews: Technical Review performed by all reviewers?
  • Scientific reviews: only necessary for applications > 125 TB
  • Enter quota: Aprvd. resources (GB)
  • Enter time period: Project start: day of approval; Project end: 10 years after approval.
  • Insert GUID of project from quota admin page (see Allocation of storage space) into "Local Project ID" field
  • select "save & approve" (ignore warning -> click yes)
    • email interface opens
    • select mail template "Coscine - Granting storage space
    • select mail form (jards-...)
    • Customize the mail with storage space and resource type (e.g. 312 GB storage space for RWTH-RDS-S3 resources)
    • Navigate to the bottom of the page and click "inform" (=E-Mail has been sent)


Warning Mail sending failed to mail to on application 1234 Please contact ignore - the email was sent, work is in progress to fix the error message.

Allocate memory

RWTH: Close service ticket

  • For RWTH requests, enter "Quota request granted via JARDS" in ticket.
  • Close ticket

Edit Application


If a JARDS application from a previous year is to be processed, the corresponding year must be selected at the top left in JARDS.